• Meet our team!

    We are a student society from ESCP Europe, that aims at raising awareness regarding the environmental challenges we face, while entertaining our comrades during many events among which our yearly 4-day trekk. As mountains-lovers, we encourage our fellow student to discover the wilderness in a sustainable approach, and live a unique experience with their friends.

  • Our Team for 2018-2019

    Our team is composed of different clusters:


    The Board
    The Sustainability Cluster

    The Communication Cluster

    The Corporate Relations cluster

    The Logistics Cluster

    The Sports Cluster

    Ludovic Chauvois


    Louise Barrabé


    Arthur Maraquin


    Victor Demey

    Secretary general

    Lucas Blanc

    Sports Cluster

    Mathieu Lysé

    Sustainability Cluster

    Sylvestre Hays

    Communication Cluster

    Mélodie Bouchard

    Corporate Relations Cluster

    Léandra Camus

    Corporate Relations cluster

    Valentine Euvrard

    Logistics cluster

    Flore Bastelica

    Sustainability Cluster

    Yona Panazol

    Logistics Cluster

    Marie Giard

    Logistics Cluster​

    Antoine Bouvart

    Sports Cluster

    Louise Langlois

    Communication Cluster​

    Antoine Formey de Saint-Louvent

    New member

    Auriane Declety

    New member

    Basile Gueulle

    New member

    Clara Le Roux

    New member

    Gautier de Villepin

    New member

    Geoffroy de Rochebouët

    New member

    Joséphine Colin

    New member

    Louise Chochod

    New member

    Marine Bayart

    New member

    Nathan Barrieu

    New member

    Roman Petibon-Floresco

    New member

    Vlyne Labrot

    New member

    Paul de Castelnau

    New member

  • About our student society

    A short sum-up by Sylvestre Hays, responsible for communication

  • Our honorary Patron :

    Chantal Jouanno

    Madame Jouanno amazes, be it because of her ability to push her own limits or because of her activism on environmental issues.

    Ex-professional karateka, she has been the French champion multiple times. She then made practice and theory meet, by becoming sports minister in 2010.


    Still not impressed? « What about her engagement towards the planet? » must be your next question…

    Mrs Jouanno has also been secretary of State in charge of ecology in 2009, and has recently created her own think tank on ecological innovation: Ecolo Ethik.


    Keen on physical effort and sustainable development, she is the perfect ambassador for our values. We are dying to see her put on one of our green wings-ornated sweaters and take part in our Trek!

  • Our honorary Patron for 2018 : Patrick Favre

    A big « thank you » to our new patron for his enthusiasm!

    This year, for the 8th edition of Welcome to Paraidise, Patrick Favre has chosen to support our project.

    He graduated from ESCP Europe many years ago and he had this amazing taste for adventure. He was practicing a lot of sports and was coaching his mates to sail on the shores of the Seine !

    Patrick Favre is the first skipper to have crossed 8 times the Atlantic Ocean, and 5 times with only a paddle. His last trip was in 2016, he was 49 years old. He traveled 4 854 kilometers, from the Canarias to the Guadeloupe archipelago, with his paddles and his 5 mates. It was laborious : he had to row 11 hours a day… His goal was to beat the record : 35 days !

    Very sensible to ecologic issues, he was seduced by the Star Trekk’s Eco-raid !

  • A word from our founder:

    Matthieu Dardaillon

    « At the beginning, the idea behind Star Trekk’ was very simple: raising awareness among the youth regarding the sustainable development through the organization of eco-raids opened both to the least and most experimented people, and all that with a bunch of good friends.


    From the first year, in 2010-2011, we decided to dream big: a year and a half worth of preparation, 20 organizers, 80 contestants, a 4-day-long eco-raid, about 20 financial partners. Despite our dedication to this event, this first edition was nearly not launched… we only got all our funds a month only before the Trekk’.


    The eco-responsibility area has always been at the heart of the project. For 9 years, the student society has been getting increasingly professional and reinforces every year its involvement towards the environment, while organizing treks just as fun for the contestants.


    Experimenting such a view of the business world was to me a revelation and the beginning of a vocation…


    Creating Star Trekk’ was a turning point in my entrepreneurial life. It all led me to develop a few projects afterwards (Destination Changemakers, the book « A la rencontre des entrepreneurs qui changent le monde », Ticket for change, and many others to come) »